Working Fields

PLC programming & HMI design & implementation.

PLC and HMI based on Siemens ® Step7 © and WinCC ©.

Afrazsanat Zonouz has done many projects on automating the process defined by the customer and in a very close cooperation with design team in engineering department and executive team in field, to achieve the goals specified by the customer. Some of the specialty of this group are as follows:

  • Water transfer
    In this type of projects remote monitoring and control of various instruments and devices that are very distinct from each other is of great importance. Telemetry used in these projects need to use special devices and means and protocols to made this communication fluent and real-time. Radio media is usually used in such projects as physical layer, and very generalized protocols like OPC help to implement and extend readily the investment for future expanding needs. Sophisticated algorithms has been used to decrease the need to operators supervision, specially in remote sites.
  • Water treatment by R.O.
    Using R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) technic to treat and purify water is being used very extensively in today industry, because of many improvement and technical specifications that is embedded in this method. Some of the sites has very simple needs, whilst many of them has many different sections that inter operate that makes the process of automation a very complex task, that in real situation, if not impossible, but infeasible for operators to monitor and control.
  • Waste water treatment
    Global issues on accessibility to usable water for people and industry, and its many other benefits, specially environmental and financial, has put a great demand on reusing waste and used water, to be treated and to recycle to the source process or to elsewhere. There is many methods used in this field, like filtering, polishing and using bacterial means to treat many kind of pollution, coming from many diverse sources, to pollute usable water.
  • Fuel-oil unloading systems
    In thermal power plants, especially in fuel-oil driven, the need to supply the fuel-oil when it is needed is of major importance. Fuel-oil unloading, forwarding and recycling are works that should be done very carefully and systematically to keep the power plant up. An automation system will be very useful to keep the system monitored and working day and night, with a minimum need to an operator, to make sure everything is working the way it should. In need of operator attention, with proper light or sound signals it will keep him aware of the new state and even to take the proper action automatically, based on the defined logic for this automation system. This system also helps the operator to set the right combination of input and output valves to and from each tank, using a predefined pattern to load, unload and recycle the fuel. The control system will monitor and won’t let the wrong combination to start pumps, so to prevent undesired result, when using the wrong combination. It will also provide control signals for unloading and forwarding pumps either directly or through the DCS to protect them.

This group has extensive expertise on this kind of project, and because of having a good background to work with different levels of managing and technical personnel of the customer, is ready to share his expert with other companies.

Fire Alarm systems.

Fire Alarm systems based on KIDDE ® custom designed panels.

Afrazsanat Zonouz for the first time in Iran succeeded to program the alarm panel based on the supplied cause and effect table, and design and implement the related HMI based on layout diagrams provided by the customer, for KIDDE ® panels, through KIDDE ® proprietary Viper © and VegaNET © applications, for panel configuration and implementation of HMI, respectively. This achievement has been enabled through KIDDE technical support and the know-how gained from this group expertise in software and hardware jargon.

This group is capable to do the same activity on any similar projects, as we believe on our expert in this field.

Developing Software for PC or Special Devices.

We believe in customer satisfaction. Through a close interaction with the customer, we develop software application to cover all the customer’s need.

Using ready made package is not what most users is looking for. They are looking for a custom application that ease their daily duties, and be the way they want, with an interface designed especially for them. This way they feel more comfortable and more productive while they are on their desktop and use the application.

We consult the customer, design and implement what he needs and support them with a close interaction and help throughout the life cycle of the application development.

We believe in customer knowledge and try to provide him with a complete, efficient and profitable application to help them to get to their goals.